Bird Venetian Mask Handmade Uccello Masquerade Mask

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Orange Beak Bird Mask

This resplendent Venetian bird mask is a wonderful choice if you are going to an animal themed masquerade party. If you are attending a masked ball then you can't go wrong with a Venetian bird mask, they are suitable for men and women. In the 17th century Plague doctors would disguise the smells of nearby death by stuffing their bird beaks with pleasant smelling herbs. They also assumed some of these herbs would protect them from contracting the Black Death. Revellers at the Venice Carnival masquerade ball began to wear similar bird masks depicting animals but the masks were also similar to those worn by the Plague Doctors.

Ucello Bird Venetian Mask with Ribbon.

In Delivery:

Handmade papier mâché mask with ribbon tie.

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