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Amalfi + Palladio Masks

The Borgias were a politically important family in italy during the Renaissance period and members of the family possibly attended masquerade balls at the infamous Venice Carnivale. Our Amalfi and Palladio masks have been crafted to be worn by a couple, and as a his and hers masquerade mask set it's called: The Borgia Masks. The ladies Columbina mask is covered in gold macrame and swarovski crystals making it extremely glamorous. The mens mask is also elegantly decorated with gold macrame and swarovski crystals and is in the dramatic Scaramouche mask style. Stand out at the mask party in these celebratory Venetian masks.

Handmade papier mâché masks with ribbon tie.

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Borgia Mask set comprising Amalfi + Palladio masks with ribbon ties.

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