Casanova Full Face Masquerade Deluxe Venetian Pirate Mask

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Black - Red - Gold

If you're a gentleman who is attending a masquerade party and you want something deluxe to wear, you are looking at the perfect mask. This full face, Bauta style mask is handmade by Venetian artisans and painted in gold, red and black. Not only does this mask have delicate, trim details, it also has some other unique features such as faux hair and a papier mache hat. On one side of the mask's hat, the name Casanova is written out in a fancy hand. Casanova was of course the notorious Venetian author and adventurer from the 18th century, who was well known for being a bit of a lady's man!

Handmade papier maché mask with ribbon tie.

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Casanova Mask With Ribbon

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