Calabria Red Venetian Mask

Colombina Half Face Mask
Red & Gold. Glitter

Calabria Black Venetian Mask

Masquerade Mask Half Face
Black & Gold. Glitter

San Marco White Venetian Mask

Masquerade Gold Glitter Mask
White & Gold. Glitter

San Marco White Venetian Mask

Half Face Masquerade Mask
White & Silver. Glitter

San Marco Black Venetian Mask

Half Face Masquerade Mask
Black + Glitter

San Marco Green Venetian Mask

Gold Glitter Half Face Mask
Green & Gold. Glitter

Napoli Black Venetian Mask

Half Face Gold Glitter Mask
Black & Gold. Glitter

Napoli Red Masquerade Mask

Deluxe Half Face Venetian Mask
Black & Red. Glitter

Napoli Black Glitter Mask

Deluxe Masquerade Ball Mask
Black + Glitter

Napoli Silver Venetian Mask

Silver Masquerade Ball Mask
Black & Silver. Glitter

Napoli Silver Venetian Mask

Black Colombina Glitter Mask
Silver & Black. Glitter

Toscana Feather Venetian Mask

White & Gold Colombina Mask
White & Gold + Feathers

These authentic Venetian eye masks are ideal for masked balls and masquerade events as they allow the wearer to easily eat and drink while they still hint anonymity. This stunning hand crafted range of Venetian masks comes in a variety of splendid designs, colours and details. That’s why it is one the best ways to top off any masquerade ball costume for women. Revel in the exotic world of our colombina ladies masquerade masks.

The colombine masks are inspired by the charming, flirty and feminine serving maid character of the Commedia dell’arte. She is the wife of the Pierrot but also the secret lover of the Harlequin. In Italian, “Colombina” means “little dove”. She is always full of elegance yet her costume is simple: ragged fabrics and aprons; colours and patterns may adapt to what other characters in the play are wearing, so there is no specific guideline on what the columbine might wear.

Many sources say that the columbine mask is a not a full face mask because the actress that portrayed her back in the 15th century was very reluctant to hide her beauty behind a mask (for vanity reasons) so a half face masquerade was designed for her to still show off her looks. The effect of “wide and well made-up eyes” was sought after.

As you know now, these masks were originally created to not conceal the wearer’s exquisiteness. So don’t hesitate to browse this fabulous collection of female masquerade masks and allow yourself to be flaunting.

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