Butterfly Mask Glitter Deluxe

Silver Butterfly Venetian Mask
Silver With Gold

Butterfly Mask Glitter Deluxe

Blue & Gold Butterfly Mask
Blue With Gold

Butterfly Mask Glitter Deluxe

Red & Gold Butterfly Mask
Red With Gold

Hollywood Standard Mask

White Domino Eye Mask

Hollywood Standard Mask

Black Burglar Thief Mask

Hollywood Lorgnette Mask

Silver Masquerade Party Mask
Silver On Stick

Hollywood Lorgnette Mask

Gold Masquerade Party Mask
Gold On Stick

Ibiza Black Glitter Mask

Black Pointed Eye Mask

Fru Fru Flyaway Side Feathers

Black Side Feathered Eye Mask

Fru Fru Flyaway Side Feathers

Red Side Feathered Eye Mask

Butterfly Mask For Masked Ball

Blue & Gold Venetian Eye Mask
Blue & Gold

Butterfly Mask

Black and Gold Venetian Mask
Black / Gold / Silver

Our selection of ladies masquerade masks is extensive. These quality replicas look stunning yet they are on sale for a lesser price than our handmade Venetian masks. Great for many events such as birthday parties, masked balls, fancy dress themed occasions or just for fun. There are different styles that range from columbina inspired replicas to lace masks, half-face masks, feathered and on stick (hand held masks).

Take a look and get inspired for your next masked ball costume…

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