Rossini Venetian Bauta Mask

Male Venetian Masquerade Mask
Black - Red - White

Luciano Bauta Swarovski Mask

Luxury Mens Venetian Mask
Gold & Cream + Diamantes

The Bauta (also spelled baùtta) is the quintessential and most traditional Venetian Mask par excellence. It’s has a very manly and riveting look. It’s got a square-ish wide jawline, a large chin and no mouth, although it covers the full face it still enables you to eat and talk freely. Originally, the Bauta Mask was worn to ensure anonymity during political votes. It was often accompanied by a red or black cape (tabarro) and a tricorn.

Usually these type of mens masquerade masks are white, gold or silver and the design can be either simple or fairly ornate.

Pair it up with a cloak, a robe, a smart suit or anything classy yet mysterious to achieve a real bauta air.

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