Full Face

Berio Full Face Venetian Mask

Green Volto Masquerade Mask
Gold & Green + Painting

Donato Full Face Venetian Mask

Green Masquerade Ball Mask
Gold & Green + Painting

Paganini Cream Venetian Mask

Full Face Red Glitter Mask
Cream & Red. Glitter

Opera Mask - Female


Fiorentina White FullFace Mask

White Venetian Masquerade Mask

Bellissima Gold Venetian Mask

Full Face Volto Mask
Green & Gold

A Volto Mask (Full face) was considered mostly a man's mask but as the masquerade tradition developed, women's versions appeared. The Volto Masks are supposed to be older than the Commedia dell'Arte characters themselves, making this type of "maschera" one of the first prototypes ever.

A full-face mask allows the artist to express themselves freely since the larger surface grants more space to let artistic creativity flow. Many of these masks are elaborately painted with pictures, Venetian scenes or musical notes. The emotions represented in this mask go from passive haughtiness to greatest humanity.

Our ladies face masks range is strikingly feminine and splendid. These are such detail rich "maschere" that they also make great decorations or an out of the ordinary gift. Of course we also have men's full face masks.

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