Scarlatti Mask with Blood

Deluxe Halloween Ball Mask
Full Face Handmade Skull

Salieri Venetian Horror Mask

Deluxe Handmade Skull Mask
White Volto Carnival Mask

Jason Venetian Horror Mask

Halloween Venetian Hockey Mask
Full Face " Volto" Mask

Michael Myers Halloween Mask

Deluxe Venetian Horror Mask
White Full Face + Scars

Devil Venetian Mask - Gold

Handmade Paper Mache Mask
Shiny Gold

Immortui Venetian Scary Mask

Halloween Horror Party Mask
Bloody Full Face Skull

Chucky Venetian Horror Mask

Halloween Papier-mâché Mask
Full Face Mask With Scars

Saw Jigsaw Puppet Scary Mask

Halloween Horror Venetian Mask
White/Black/Red Handmade

Freddy Venetian Horror Mask

Handmade Halloween Party Mask

Joker Deluxe Venetian Mask

Halloween Horror Deluxe Mask

Volto Morte Venetian Mask

Full Face Masquerade Mask
Black - White - Gold

Morte Venetian Gold Mask

Day of the Dead Tie On Mask
Black - White - Gold

Our Venetian horror masks for sale are totally handmade by Italian masters following the rigorous tradition of papier-mâché crafting. Even though some of their designs might not be part of the character list of La Commedia dell'arte, they are still a modern take on horror masks with a venetian style twist.

Although equally grotesque and spooky as any conventional Halloween mask these masks have an air of finesse and craftsmanship that will definitely make them stand out. So next time you are on the lookout for an outstanding Halloween costume, look no further. Venetian horror masks can be the cherry on top, for the ultimate elegant yet totally creepy fancy dress.

Wear one to your next All Hallows’ evening, Day of the Dead parade, carnivals, masquerade balls, themed parties or just for fun.

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