Amalfi Gold Venetian Mask

Swarovski Crystal Face Mask
Gold - Swarovski Crystals

Burano Swarovski Crystal Mask

Gold & Cream Venetian Mask
Gold + crystals

Gatto Swarovski Cat Mask

Venetian Carnival Mask
Cream/Silver + Crystals

Paganini Cream Venetian Mask

Full Face Red Glitter Mask
Cream & Red. Glitter

Donato Full Face Venetian Mask

Green Masquerade Ball Mask
Gold & Green + Painting

Berio Full Face Venetian Mask

Green Volto Masquerade Mask
Gold & Green + Painting

Volto Morte Venetian Mask

Full Face Masquerade Mask
Black - White - Gold

Moulin Feather Masquerade Mask

Black Venetian Carnival Mask
Gold + Black Feathers

Moulin Feathered Venice Mask

Half Face Carnival Mask
Silver + Black Feathers

Moulin Red Carnival Mask

Half Face Feathered Venetian
Gold & Red + Feathers

Moulin Feather Venetian Mask

Green Venetian Carnival Mask
Gold & Green + Feathers

Tropea Swarvoski Crystal Mask

Venetian Masquerade Ball Mask
Gold + Swarovski Crystals

Our range of hand-crafted extravagant Venetian masks lives up to its name. These masquerade masks are incredibly beautiful and elaborate.

As with any precious object, you’ll want to own it and stare at it, that’s why these masks make for a fine piece of décor for your favourite room or a perfect gift to dazzle someone! One of these will create a killer masked ball costume, in fact they are so magnificent they are a costume on their own!

Easy to wear or hang, all our masquerade masks come with a soft delicate tie-on so they are ready for any occasion.

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