Toscana Feather Venetian Mask

Black & Silver Glitter Mask
Black & Silver + Feathers

Moulin Feather Masquerade Mask

Black Venetian Carnival Mask
Gold + Black Feathers

Moulin Feathered Venice Mask

Half Face Carnival Mask
Silver + Black Feathers

Moulin Red Carnival Mask

Half Face Feathered Venetian
Gold & Red + Feathers

Moulin Feather Venetian Mask

Green Venetian Carnival Mask
Gold & Green + Feathers

Side Feather Mask Red - Sequins an


Toscana Feather Venetian Mask

Black & Gold Colombina Mask
Black & Gold + Feathers

Toscana White Feathered Mask

Deluxe Venetian Eye Mask
White & Silver + Feathers

Toscana Feather Venetian Mask

White & Gold Colombina Mask
White & Gold + Feathers

Macerata White Feathered Mask

Half Face Silver Glitter Mask
White & Silver + Feathers

Feathers don’t belong only in Las Vegas! As our range of hand crafted feathered Venetian masks will show you. This range of masks are ideal for many venues even though the “plume” detail can make them a bit excessive for certain happenings. Great for hen nights, girls nights out, birthdays, weddings, or just for fun, you will find yourself more than once reaching for your feather mask.

As with any other ladies eye-masks, these are perfect to drink and eat at any party while still concealing your identity and looking mystical. Just pay attention to your lipstick since it will accentuate your lovely visage.

Masquerade masks with feathers have a certain “diva” flare to themselves, think of the glorious Moulin Rouge, elegant Hollywood style Cocktail bars, burlesque themed nights and a lot of stage presence. For anyone who wears them, the spotlight will follow you and stardom may be the consequence.

Indulge in the enchantment that only feathers can give, you won’t regret it.

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