On Stick

Argento Venetian Mask On Stick

Gold & Red Feathered Eye Mask
Gold & Red Lorgnette

Canalis Feather Mask On Stick

White Feathered Half Face Mask
White & Gold Lorgnette

Our range of handmade masquerade masks on sticks allow you to play “peek-a-boo” with style! If you are planning to wear your masquerade mask on stick more like an accessory than a costume itself, look no further. They will compliment any outfit without interfering with your fab makeup or hairdo. Not to mention that these are the most glasses friendly masks ever, since you can “wear” them on top of them with no extra hassle.

Ideal for picture time, to walk along the red carpet or to make an unforgettable entrance to your event. These hand held masks will make heads turn! Great too for those days out when you are wearing your killer extra-long fake eyelashes.

Full of glamour but still practical, party masks on sticks are marvellously convenient, just simply cover your face when you choose to, the rest of the time you can hold it in your hand or set it aside for the next moment that you need it.

You’ll enjoy every second with your masquerade mask… with full exposure or concealed identity, it’s your choice!

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