Full Face

Vivaldi Full Face Volto Mask

Traditional Venetian Mask
Red/Gold/White + Music

Puccini Volto Venetian Mask

Happy Face Paper Mache Mask
White - Black - Gold

Verdi Full Face Tragedy Mask

Sad Face Theatre Mask
Cream & Gold

Vendetta Full Face White Mask

Guy Fawkes Volto Mask

Michael Myers Halloween Mask

Deluxe Venetian Horror Mask
White Full Face + Scars

Jason Venetian Horror Mask

Halloween Venetian Hockey Mask
Full Face " Volto" Mask

Devil Venetian Mask - Gold

Handmade Paper Mache Mask
Shiny Gold

Immortui Venetian Scary Mask

Halloween Horror Party Mask
Bloody Full Face Skull

Scarlatti Mask with Blood

Deluxe Halloween Ball Mask
Full Face Handmade Skull

Salieri Venetian Horror Mask

Deluxe Handmade Skull Mask
White Volto Carnival Mask

Chucky Venetian Horror Mask

Halloween Papier-mâché Mask
Full Face Mask With Scars

Saw Jigsaw Puppet Scary Mask

Halloween Horror Venetian Mask
White/Black/Red Handmade

Our full face Venetian masks for men range has a bit of something for everyone: theatrical Happy & Sad (Comedy & Tragedy) faces, Guy Fawkes (think of Bonfire Night, Anonymous, V for Vendetta), devils mens masks, skull masks and an exciting selection of horror and Halloween masks.

Full face masquerade masks are also called volto (Italian for face) or larva (meaning ghost in Latin) they depict basic facial features such as the lips and nose which are moulded into the mask. They are nowadays an iconic Venetian mask style that everyone knows. Unlike the bauta, the volto cannot be worn while eating and drinking because the coverage of the chin and cheeks is complete.

It was usually accompanied by a tricorn hat and cloak so as to increase the aura of mystery. It’s an unpretentious style that covers the entire face, it guarantees complete and utter anonymity as no part of the face shows (as long as you don’t take it off in public for a sip or a bite!).

These types of masks are ideal for those who want to make a shadowy entrance, a strong presence and a discreet exit.

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