Long Nose

Leonardo White Long Nose Mask

Traditional Plague Doctor Mask

Michelangelo Pantalone Mask

White Venetian Long Nose Mask
Old White

Botticelli Gold Longnose Mask

Authentic Plague Doctor Mask
Black - Red - Gold

Donatelo Long Nose Mask

Plague Doctor Deluxe Mask
Black - White - Gold

Da Vinci Long Nose Mask

Traditional Pulcinella Mask
Black - Red - Gold

Caravaggio Long Nose Face Mask

Zanni Plague Doctor Mask
Black & Bronze

Veronase Red Long Nose Mask

Traditional Plague Doctor Mask
Dark Red & Black

Palladio Gold Swarovski Mask

Ornate Medico Della Peste
Gold & Antique White

Pisano Swarovski Face Mask

Silver Long Nose Ornate Mask
Silver & Cream + Crystals

Raphael White Long Nose Mask

Traditional Pantalone Mask

Our mens long nose masks range covers a host of different Venetian character masks, they can be known as “Medico della Peste” (Plague Doctor), Scaramuccia (or Scaramouche), Zanni, or Pulcinella according to their design and origin.

The “plague doctor mask” was historically worn by doctors dealing with plagues in order to prevent the spread of disease (think of doctor Charles de Lorme, France). These mens masquerade masks have a long hollow beak, round eyes and they were usually white, although modern versions incorporate other colours. Ideally, to create an authentic costume, one should choose a long overcoat, black gloves and maybe even a brimmed hat.

The Scaramouche mask is identifiable by its thin, pointed and disproportionately extended nose although not as ghoulish the “Dottore Peste”. The original character who donned this eye mask usually had a cowardly role in the play and usually serves a master who is not of a high social standing.

Another type of long nose mask for men can be known as “pulcinellas”. This character was a simpleton servant wearing loose-fitting overalls yet full of wit and common sense. Its nose is less hooked yet still quite effective.

No matter which one you choose, you will definitely make a lasting impression. These mens long nose masquerade masks do indeed look creepy and mysterious while still pulling off a somewhat elegant air.

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