Swarovski Crystal

Amalfi Gold Venetian Mask

Swarovski Crystal Face Mask
Gold - Swarovski Crystals

Burano Swarovski Crystal Mask

Gold & Cream Venetian Mask
Gold + crystals

Luciano Bauta Swarovski Mask

Luxury Mens Venetian Mask
Gold & Cream + Diamantes

Palladio Gold Swarovski Mask

Ornate Medico Della Peste
Gold & Antique White

Pisano Swarovski Face Mask

Silver Long Nose Ornate Mask
Silver & Cream + Crystals

Gatto Swarovski Cat Mask

Venetian Carnival Mask
Cream/Silver + Crystals

Figaro Swarovski Metal Mask

Black Venetian Filigree Mask
Black + Crystal Gems

Oberto Swarovski Crystal Mask

Black & Purple Filigree Mask
Black + Purple Crystals

Giovanni Black Filigree Mask

Swarovski Black & Gold Mask
Black + Gold Crystals

Pasquale Swarovski Masquerade

Silver Metal Filigree Mask
Silver + Diamante Gems

Iolanta Swarovski Eye Mask

Black & Silver Filigree Mask
Black + Silver Crystals

Tropea Swarvoski Crystal Mask

Venetian Masquerade Ball Mask
Gold + Swarovski Crystals

If you're looking for luxury masquerade masks, our range of Swarovski diamante masquerade masks is just what you need. Elaborate and enchanting, this lovely collection of crystals masks vividly proves how Venetian masks can become part of your jewellery box too.

Swarovski produces crystals of the finest quality. The company's name has become synonymous with genuine crystal everywhere in the world. So when purchasing one of our divine Swarovski Venetian masks you are not only buying a traditional handcrafted item full of history and Italian folklore you are also acquiring more jewels for your treasure chest.

Best as a present or a souvenir for a special moment, great to wear to a grandiose event (for example, your ideal wedding) or to add a magic touch to your favourite room. Whatever your reason… spoil yourself!

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